More Than What You Look

Interlook is an architecture & Interior Bureau based in Bandung, Indonesia.

In 2015, Interlook was initiated by Wandy Rustandi to become an Architecture and Interior Bureau in Bandung. Interlook focuses on residential projects and the hospitality industry. Interlook provides integrated design solutions between the needs of every residential owner to the user of hospitality spaces and facilities. Our team strives to be a team of designers who have integrity and provide value in every work we do.

Interlook Method

We believe that every client we handle has different needs and habits. Therefore, we respond to the challenges of diverse client uniqueness through two-way observation and brainstorming, between us as designers and clients as owners and users. After this was done, we analyzed the location and environment into areas that needed to be adapted. Given that measuring the priority scale of client needs as individual occupants and the interaction of the surrounding environment is a factor that supports the realization of the design solutions we provide.

meet the team

CEO & Principal

Wandy Rustandi

As one of the founders and principal of interlook, Wandy ensures that every design is based on interlook methods and approaches while maintaining the best quality. He graduated from Indonesia University of Education with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

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